How to Choose the Right Event to Develop a Business?

How to Choose the Right Event to Develop a Business - How to Choose the Right Event to Develop a Business?

Exhibitions and trade shows are part of every self-respecting entrepreneur’s marketing arsenal. It doesn’t matter how good a company’s or dealer’s product is. If no one has ever heard of it, no one will want to buy it. Participation in these events is, therefore, mandatory for any professional who wants to succeed.

However, one should keep in mind that attending isn’t the most important; one should focus on the events that are really worth it.

Main Difference Between an Exposition and a Trade Show

A trade show is an event for professionals. Companies from a specific sector come together to show their products or the new products they have developed. It is an excellent opportunity for professionals to see what competitors are doing or find companies they may need to improve their production. It’s a golden opportunity for professionals to establish links and find partners. Furthermore, it isn’t uncommon for conferences to be included in the programme of such events. If this is actually the case, it is worth attending.

Exhibitions are like trade shows but on a larger scale. They are very often national and sometimes even global events. Contrary to trade shows, the attention isn’t only focused on specialists. The public is also welcome. Better still, the professionals interact with them to help them discover their products. In short, it can be said that while trade shows allow companies to broaden their professional relationships, exhibitions will enable them to be found by the public.

When choosing the event to attend, the professional should first ask himself what he wants to achieve. By answering this question, it will be easier to make the right choice.

Why should entrepreneurs participate in trade shows?

Why should entrepreneurs participate in trade shows - Why should entrepreneurs participate in trade shows?

Every entrepreneur must consider this as a theorem. Professionals say it again and again. Participation in trade shows is a necessity for all specialists who want to progress and stand out from the competition. But do these events have a real impact?

What is the real impact of a trade show for professionals?

Recent analyses in the general business world have shown that over 80% of entrepreneurs claim to have made business connections or met important clients during trade shows. Just over 60% felt that these events not only had a positive impact on their businesses but also improved the company’s brand image. Almost 50% of respondents said they attended these events to build new professional relationships, while almost 30% said they attended mainly to find new suppliers. Just over 25% saw these events as the best way to advertise their company, and about the same percentage saw trade shows as a great opportunity to spy on competitors.

This study provides insight into the impact of trade shows and why every self-respecting entrepreneur is compelled to take part. This observation leads to another question: how to prepare for it to avoid regrets?

*Financial aspect: a trade show cannot be improvised, and it is advisable not to save money if one really wants to be noticed.

*The items to be exhibited: it is difficult to exhibit highly technological products permanently. However, the items on display must somehow stand out from those of the other exhibitors.

*The preparation of specialists: It seems needless to say that the stand staff must be highly qualified.

Trade show organisers prepare these events several months in advance. The minimum lead time is 10 – 12 months. In other words, entrepreneurs will also have time to develop their marketing strategy. Trade shows have many advantages, but they can only be exploited if entrepreneurs carefully select the events they need to attend and draw up an effective action plan.

What to expect from a trade show?

What to expect from a trade show - What to expect from a trade show?

It’s quite difficult to set up a marketing strategy when you have just started your business. And in an environment like cycling, where competition is extremely high, any mistake can be disastrous. Trade shows are a great way to raise the profile of your business and build relationships with other professionals.

However, before considering participation, a few questions need to be answered. What are the benefits that the professional expects from the event? Does he have an effective marketing strategy to attract other participants? Are the products they provide able to compete with those of other participants?

Learn to make the right choice

Learn to make the right choice - What to expect from a trade show?

The impact of a trade show depends on two main factors:

*the size of the event;

*the quality of the participants.

Some people will mention that the quality of the exhibitor’s wares also plays a determining role, and they will not be wrong. However, this factor only comes into consideration if the first two are already positive. The larger the event, the greater the impact. Newcomers therefore benefit from targeting the larger events rather than trying to attend every trade show that takes place. The size of the show plays a secondary role only if the participants are special. Briefly, if there are several high-profile companies interested in participating in trade show X, the young entrepreneur is well advised to follow their lead.

How to ensure that the efforts made aren’t wasted? First, the quality of the articles should be considered. Trade shows are places where only truly innovative items are presented. They should immediately catch the eye of other professionals. Second, even the best products in the world won’t grab attention quickly if they aren’t well displayed. The participants in the event must also be professionals able to explain to those who might be interested how the products on display differ from those of the competitors.

How to prepare for an expo

How to prepare for an expo - How to prepare for an expo

How to prepare for an exhibition

How to prepare for an exhibition - How to prepare for an expo

An exhibition is always a major event that allows the entrepreneur to present his production to the public. This means that the entrepreneur must prepare himself accordingly if he does not want to feel remorse afterwards. This is how to make your stand interesting and attract not only the participants but also the public.

Turning a stand into a reference

An exhibition is an event which gives an entrepreneur the opportunity to make himself known to the public. However, it should be borne in mind that competitors aren’t blind. They can be interested in the items on offer if they are truly innovative and competitive. This means highlighting the best products. However, that doesn’t mean other products should be ignored, on the contrary.

Since the term “exhibition” is often also synonymous with “retail sales”, the exhibitor should also not forget his most popular products. They won’t attract professionals, but the public will be satisfied.

Another important factor is the presentation of the stand. There’s nothing worse than participating in an exhibition and being lost in the mass of other exhibitors. This is one of the mistakes that usually ruins the efforts of some professionals. There’s no need to opt for a gaudy decoration. It may help, but there are strict rules to follow during this type of event. The aim here is to turn a flagship product into a real beacon. Those who are used to taking part in these events know it isn’t uncommon for a stand to become the landmark of all exhibitions. Visitors come alone and then with their friends.

This is the main aim for any company wishing to make a name on the market. Speaking particularly of the cycling world, it is important to understand that the competition is extremely high. Moreover, unlike the IT or electronics world, the options for spectacular innovation are quite limited. Success will depend on the marketing approach of the company, therefore the importance of preparing it carefully long before the show itself.