Why should entrepreneurs participate in trade shows?

Why should entrepreneurs participate in trade shows - Why should entrepreneurs participate in trade shows?

Every entrepreneur must consider this as a theorem. Professionals say it again and again. Participation in trade shows is a necessity for all specialists who want to progress and stand out from the competition. But do these events have a real impact?

What is the real impact of a trade show for professionals?

Recent analyses in the general business world have shown that over 80% of entrepreneurs claim to have made business connections or met important clients during trade shows. Just over 60% felt that these events not only had a positive impact on their businesses but also improved the company’s brand image. Almost 50% of respondents said they attended these events to build new professional relationships, while almost 30% said they attended mainly to find new suppliers. Just over 25% saw these events as the best way to advertise their company, and about the same percentage saw trade shows as a great opportunity to spy on competitors.

This study provides insight into the impact of trade shows and why every self-respecting entrepreneur is compelled to take part. This observation leads to another question: how to prepare for it to avoid regrets?

*Financial aspect: a trade show cannot be improvised, and it is advisable not to save money if one really wants to be noticed.

*The items to be exhibited: it is difficult to exhibit highly technological products permanently. However, the items on display must somehow stand out from those of the other exhibitors.

*The preparation of specialists: It seems needless to say that the stand staff must be highly qualified.

Trade show organisers prepare these events several months in advance. The minimum lead time is 10 – 12 months. In other words, entrepreneurs will also have time to develop their marketing strategy. Trade shows have many advantages, but they can only be exploited if entrepreneurs carefully select the events they need to attend and draw up an effective action plan.

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